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Touch of Heart Wellness Services

A Bit About Me

Hi, I'm Meghan Dake-Morrell. I've been a body-worker/massage therapist for nearly 20 years.

On a cool spring day, over 23 years ago, I was on a lunch break from a stressful corporate job I had at the time. I often chose to spend my time in the small metaphysical bookstore on the first floor of my office building.

On this particular day, as I perused the bookshelves, I was aware of the calm and peace as the music softly mingled with the faintest scent of incense. I sighed deeply and muttered to myself, "I want what ever I do to feel like THIS all day." It was one of those deeply felt expressions - the type that the universe seems to have been waiting for one to finally say.

Within a year events conspired in such a way that it became appropriate for me to request a lay-off with severance. On the recommendation of a couple friends I went to massage school in Santa Cruz and loved it. Although I had some doubts in the beginning because there were already so many massage therapists in Santa Cruz! My first client came before I graduated. That led to my next client and that led to the the end of my first year I had the beginnings of a thriving practice.

My practice has grown solely by word of mouth. In 20 years I have seen well over 300 clients with the majority of them as regular clients for 5 years or more in both Santa Cruz, and then later, when I started all over again, in San Jose (with some of my clients commuting to SJ!).

In a time when so many are still not doing exactly what the want I feel very blessed to be doing just that. This journey has enriched my life by leading me to extraordinary teachers, amazing seminars, and tremendous insights/growth from client sessions. I have studied various techniques such as Matrix Energetics, Deep Tissue, Accupressure, and Polarity. In 2009, I became a licensed spiritual counselor with the Centers for Spiritual Living in San Jose. In 2014 I graduated from ministerial school and am now a licensed minister in Religious Science (NOT the cult) at the same Center for Spiritual Living.

Every person I see has (and is) a special gift in my life. It is my mission to partner with each person in such a way that they feel reconnected with themselves and grateful for their miraculous bodies after each session. Whether I am counseling or massaging or both, it is my intention that you leave much more "you," and more aware of your wholeness than when you arrived.

I appreciate you taking the time to learn bit of what I am about.

I look forward to serving you and sharing the gifts I've gathered along the way.