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Touch of Heart Wellness Services

 Client Reviews

March 29. 2013
Meghan was kind, sensitive and very funny. Her take on what was going on for me emotionally was right on the mark. I have already recommended her to several friends.
Karin C.
March 22, 2013
Best massage ever. Meghan has a great balance of touch and deep tissue work. She has a great location that is very inviting.

Oct 21, 2011
How can you rate AMAZING?
Meghan has a gift. This is one of the best massages that I've had. I appreciated her insight and ability to really 'hear' what my body needed. I left feeling recharged, more clear and very relaxed. I will be returning! Treat yourself...YOU DESERVE IT!

Karen Midlo

Oct 19, 2011
Amazingly Intuitive!
Meghan is amazing! She is divinely gifted as a body-worker. She intuitively knows the exact areas to work and integrates the emotional aspect of healing that is absolutely essential. I highly recommend her for anyone ready to surrender!!!
Angela Lopez, D.C.

Oct 1, 2011

True to her calling
Meghan is a magnificent healer. She spent nearly two hours working out some physical discomfort and emotional blocks preventing use of my arm. And sent healing energy my way beforehand. She made it clear that she would release me from the session when we both felt that the session was successful in providing optimum relief. I am so glad to have trusted my instincts to go to her when in such a crisis & will definitely return for more healing!
Kelly Shepherd

Sep 13, 2011
Gifted Healer
I had my first massage with Meghan last weekend. It was the most incredible one-hour healing experience I've ever had. Her healing touch released some pent-up emotions that were stuck inside some kinks and tight muscles that have plagued me for years. Gifted healers are not easy to find, so let me help you in your search by recommending Meghan! I can't say enough good things about her. she is definitely blessed, as am I for finding her.
Sheri Gunderson

May 17, 2011
Prepare Yourself for a Zen Experience
There are two places where I feel completely peaceful and at ease- the beaches of Hawaii and Meghan's table. At least with Meghan, I can leave the SPF at home. Her energy is calming and her massages will work out kinks that you didn't even know you had. It's the best $100 you can spend on yourself. You deserve it. :)
Christina Chang

Apr 24, 2011
jen chang
Kudos from a Massage Afficionado
While I have the good fortune of receiving subsidized massages through work, I still find it necessary to seek out Meghan's magic hands. Her intuition on what my muscles need has been nothing short of amazing and I'm thrilled to have found her!

Mar 19, 2011
Skip the Day Spas - Meghan gives THE BEST massage around
I highly recommend all seekers of quality, healing, satisfying, relaxing massage to skip the day spa and instead place themselves in Meghan's capable, caring, therapeutic, intuitive hands! I am a "regular" and Meghan tailors each massage to my body's unique needs on that particular day. Her massages rekindle my energy level, restore my health & flow, shift my attitude and my sense of possibility. I wholeheartedly endorse Meghan as a massage therapist and human being of the highest caliber.

Elizabeth Williams

May 8, 2010
Amazing healer
Meghan is not just a massage therapist, she's intuitive and knows where you are holding any stress in your body and then works with you to feel it, breathe into it, and let it go. I feel AWEsome today and I am so lucky to have found Meghan.
Susan Overland 

May 2, 2010
Amazing Masseuse Does it Again
Meghan gives another amazing massage. I have Fibromyalgia; have for many years and because of this I have gone to many different massage therapists. I believe that alone qualifies me as an expert and Meghan is one of the best. She has magic hands! I have gone to her many times and would highly recommend her. I will definitely be going back to her.
Laura Dahm

Apr 22, 2010
Doris Hoffman
Splendid is the Only Word Possible!
A massage with Meghan is indescribable. I went when my body was a radiating pain center. Slowly, health returned and I healed beliefs and feelings as well. She consciously works in the vast universe of healing energy whereby her total awareness, sensitivity, and touch allow healing on many levels. I go each week now for care of my health and self-awareness. Thus, I radiate health and I am a more authentic, spiritually aware being. Meghan is a touchstone of love, consciousness and skill.